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Skin Nectar Have been involved with Bees and their products since the early 1980's. We respect the Bees and what they give us and we do our best to bring that energy to our products. 

These include: 
Beeswax Candles:
Skin Nectar & Crystal Beam (RF Techno Art)
A variety of Honey's
Skin Nectar & Crystal Beam (RF Techno Art)
Honey Based Skin Care
Skin Nectar & Crystal Beam (RF Techno Art)

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Types of Honey
Skin Nectar & Crystal Beam (RF Techno Art)Different honey's come from different floral nectars depending on what is blooming at the time of collection by the bees. These different nectars are processed by the bees so that most of the water is driven off by drying and this can be smelt round the hives. The nectar becomes honey and is put into cells for storage. The cells are filled by the bees and then readied for capping by adding anti fungals and antioxidants. Once the frame is fully capped it can be removed and cut into sections called Honey Comb.

Plant types give varietal types of honey such as Salvation Jane, Blue Gum, Yellow Box etc. etc.

By dealing with honey in different ways we can produce candied honey or crystallised honey. Creamed honey is made from crystallised honey and can be enhanced in flavour by adding ginger or apricots and other dried fruits. And did you know that Bee Bread has been eaten since ancient times to produce stamina and vigour.

Beeswax Candles
Beeswax CandlesNatural Beeswax is an extraordinary material to work with. It naturally occurs in different colours - ranging from creamy white, through to pink, orange, bright yellow and dark brown depending on what flowers the bees have been foraging on, and to some extent, how the beekeeper has handled the wax. It is also beautifully translucent.

Beeswax candles are said to be a natural ioniser when it is burning, purifying your air of dust, pollen, odours, toxins, mould and mildew whilst leaving a light, natural honey scent.

These are 100 % Beeswax candles with no additives. They burn for the maximum time but with a good golden flame and no smoke. We test all our candles as they are made to ensure best performance.

Honey Skin Care
Skin Nectar & Crystal Beam (RF Techno Art)This is a highly nutritious skin care product formulated using the best essential and carrier oils. Including cold pressed macadamia, which contains vitamins E and B and is blended with beeswax. Aloe Vera is the watery fluid used to give consistency. It is preserved with grapefruit seed extract and rosemary extract antioxidant. It is best kept cool in a refrigerator.

Beekeepers of old were the first cosmeticians as they had access to the ingredients to make salves and balms from wax and honey.

I try to keep up the ancient art using modern ingredients and production techniques.

Crystalbeam Led Lighting

CRYSTAL BEAM is a cold lighting system designed to be used specifically with crystals, hence the name CRYSTAL BEAM. 

CRYSTAL BEAM turns crystals into crystal lamps both static and changing - lighting that can be used in the home, office or natural therapy centre giving mystical lighting to any room. It is extremely effective for color therapy and Feng Shui decorating. When used as a focus for meditation can bring tranquility into your life.

We have two different lighting categories in our online shop:

1. First Choose your Base 
2. Select the color  you want or the color changer
3 Select the Glass or Refractor 

Phazor Light

Light Bases

We have single colored or choice of changing color bases depending
on your decor needs.
Glass and Crystal Refractors
Glass Refractors

Glass, and Crystal Refractors:

We have a range of blown glass, etched glass and lead crystal refractors designed to enhance you decor. 

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 Honey Products  Crystal Beam Lighting
Bee Pollen and Honey Products

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Skin Nectar & Crystal Beam (RF Techno Art)

Skin Nectar & Crystal Beam (RF Techno Art)
 Skin Nectar & Crystal Beam (RF Techno Art)  
 Skin Nectar & Crystal Beam (RF Techno Art)

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