Crystalbeam Phazor Colour Changing Base

Crystalbeam Phazor Colour Changing Base
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These bases contain 5 Japanese leds in 12 combinations of colours. We have all the primary colours and then Turquoise, Magenta, rainbow, violet, and white. The bases are of clear acrylic 8cm diameter by 2cm thick. They are very sustainable as they emit no heat and will give lovely light for a whole years running for less than 30 cents of power. Being leds of quality the lifespan is over 5 years. These make lovely and safe nightlights for all ages, just leave them on all the time. The transformer is very small and the cable is a long 3 meters. We describe the light in a dark room as being able to read the newspaper headlines but not the fine print(for the stronger colours). The light intensities have been varied in different colours to allow some to be used as bedroom lights without keeping you awake. The sequence is as the rainbow and is about 2 minutes so is very subtle and slow. It can be paused on any colour in the sequence by applying the supplied magnet to the reed switch in the base for a few 4-5 seconds. Same procedure to get the sequence moving again. Order yours now using the online store here. 
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