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such as Royal Jelly, propolis bee venom, and indeed honey have all been used for centuries by healers and indigenous peoples. All are very strong medicines and need to be used frequently but in low doses. Most of these products are rare even in very strong bee hives.

Honey is a complex group of sugars and varies greatly depending on the floral type it is derived from, thus the varying tastes for different floral honey's. All honey's are medicinal , hence the old honey and lemon for the cold. Some are much stronger than others hence the medical Manuka honey. I prefer Tasmanian Manuka honey which is a less industrial version of that from New Zealand.

The rating of the active ingredient is from 5 to 35. The max type is so strong it is believed to be somewhat poisonous in large quantities. So being careful, is the rule with all bee products. 

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Skin Nectar & Crystal Beam (RF Techno Art)

Skin Nectar & Crystal Beam (RF Techno Art)
 Skin Nectar & Crystal Beam (RF Techno Art)  
 Skin Nectar & Crystal Beam (RF Techno Art)

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