SkinNectar are Honey Producers from Australia or rather honey collectors and bottlers because the Bee do the making, we simply collect and bottle it, as natural as nature intended.

Welcome to the BeeWhisperer.TV. Our new website is an evolving creature which we do our best to keep up with trends as well as supplying great products and useful information...  As you can see we have a few products and we have several layers of involvment planned depending upon how interested you are in our small sweet Bee friends.
We have Raw Honey Products for sale, some healing products made from honey and it's ingredients, as well as a range of Beeswax candles.

We will also be catering for those people who would like to educate themselves about honey and it various healing properties, and healing products. And if you are interested in Bee Keeping for yourself then we will be catering for you too... so stay tuned as we start to bring you some seriously good Bee things.


Raw HoneycombRaw Honey, why does it taste so good ?


Honey in the comb is not something you tend to find on the supermarket shelf, but comb honey is just the best way to eat natures most natural and delicious sweetener.
Natural Honey from the comb is just the way nature intended it, pure goodness.... healthy for you and tasty.
Processed honey is heated, treated and in some case irradiated before it get's to your table. Bee Whisperer Honey comes to you, still in natures wrapper.... more

Beeswax Candles

Beeswax Candles, Natural, Non-Toxic.

Beautiful Beeswax Candles, provide a non-toxic alternative to the modern wax candle.
We have an extensive range of candles for sale, as well as our upcoming program teaching you how to make them for yourselves. They make wonderful gifts, and making them for yourself, you can decorate them in all kinds of ways...... more

Skin Nectar & Crystal Beam (RF Techno Art)Honey Based Moisturizer.

This is a highly nutritious skin care product formulated using the best essential and carrier oils. Including cold pressed macadamia, which contains vitamins E and B and is blended with beeswax. Aloe Vera is the watery fluid used to give consistency. It is preserved with grapefruit seed extract and rosemary extract antioxidant. It is best kept cool in a refrigerator.

Beekeepers of old were the first cosmeticians as they had access to the ingredients to make salves and balms from wax and honey.... more 


Vest Honey in Sydney
Beeswax Candles Whats the Buzz? Art Glass & Glass Art Light Bases & Lamps
If you are looking for the best Honey and Honeycomb in town, stop looking you just need to ... CLICK HERE Beeswax Candles, no nasty toxin, clean burning, longer burning with that gentle smell of honey ... CLICK HERE The Bee's are buzzin' ... and sometimes pays to know what they are saying to you ... really! ... CLICK HERE Create amazing lightscapes with your Crystalbeam lamp and a beautiful piece of Art Glass ... CLICK HERE Single Color, Multi Color or more than one. Sometimes its a tough decision but we can help ... CLICK HERE

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Skin Nectar & Crystal Beam (RF Techno Art)

Skin Nectar & Crystal Beam (RF Techno Art)
 Skin Nectar & Crystal Beam (RF Techno Art)  
 Skin Nectar & Crystal Beam (RF Techno Art)

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