Skin Nectar & Crystal Beam (RF Techno Art)My Vision:

In our society we are separated from nature. We live in our heads always thinking, without a close link to the balancing grounding effect of nature and earth. We become egocentric. Doing earthy activities like beekeeping allows us to reconnect, rebalance and become whole again. My vision is to promote rebalance with earth. Specially for those of us that live and work in the city. We may even learn to respect and love mother earth.

History of my Beekeeping:

I came to beekeeping looking for people educated in the realms of nature, trees and earth. I found beekeepers who knew all about plants and insects and how they relate to each other. I met people whom are the salts of the earth, so stayed and learnt from them. Now I also pass on my knowledge and things learnt from over twenty years of experiences with bees and trees and old salts. I am still learning every time I check or play with my bees.

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Skin Nectar & Crystal Beam (RF Techno Art)

Skin Nectar & Crystal Beam (RF Techno Art)
 Skin Nectar & Crystal Beam (RF Techno Art)  
 Skin Nectar & Crystal Beam (RF Techno Art)

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