Welcome to the home of The Bee Whisperer and Crystal Beam Lighting products. Our site is a little unique in that we have two distinctly different products. The simplicity is that we Love both things, the beauty and healing power of light and color and the beauty and healing power of one of Natures hardest workers ... the Honey Bee.

Please feel free to look around, ask questions and hopefully buy something that you like. All our products are locally manufactured and made here in Sydney. Any questions please send us a mail via the contact page.
Skin Nectar & Crystal Beam (RF Techno Art)

Honey Products

We have Raw Honey Products for sale, some healing products made from honey and it's ingredients, as well as a range of Beeswax candles.

We will also be catering for those people who would like to educate themselves about honey and it various healing properties, and healing products.

If you are interested in Bee Keeping for yourself then we will be catering for you too... so stay tuned as we start to bring you some seriously good Bee things.

For more on the "Bee" side click here or check out our product listing below.
Crystal Beam Lighting
Crystal Beam are the manufacturers of a cold LED lighting system designed to be used specifically with crystals, and glass art, hence the name Crystal Beam.
Crystal Beam turns you crystal into crystal lamps both static and dynamic - lighting that can be used in the home, office or a natural therapy centre. Giving mystical lighting to any room. It is extremely effective for color therapy and Feng Shui decorating.

When used as a focus for meditation can bring tranquillity into your life. So, this LED lighting system turns ordinary crystals into amazingly effective crystals for meditation... click here for more info.

Vest Honey in Sydney
Beeswax Candles Whats the Buzz? Art Glass & Glass Art Light Bases & Lamps
If you are looking for the best Honey and Honeycomb in town, stop looking you just need to ... CLICK HERE Beeswax Candles, no nasty toxin, clean burning, longer burning with that gentle smell of honey ... CLICK HERE The Bee's are buzzin' ... and sometimes pays to know what they are saying to you ... really! ... CLICK HERE Create amazing lightscapes with your Crystalbeam lamp and a beautiful piece of Art Glass ... CLICK HERE Single Color, Multi Color or more than one. Sometimes its a tough decision but we can help ... CLICK HERE

 Honey Products  Crystal Beam Lighting
Bee Pollen and Honey Products

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Skin Nectar & Crystal Beam (RF Techno Art)

Skin Nectar & Crystal Beam (RF Techno Art)
 Skin Nectar & Crystal Beam (RF Techno Art)  
 Skin Nectar & Crystal Beam (RF Techno Art)

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